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SFML\Box2D Example game

SFML\Box2D Example game

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Aidiakapi #1
  04 Jun 2014 - 23:47
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I just uploaded some sorta game (I figured it was time for me to actually upload something :P) that uses C++, SFML and Box2D to make some sorta platform, puzzle, agility game. It's my application in collage for which I had the interview today, made it in about a week, mostly focussing on the engine behind it. Just some links:

Link to the game on NR:
Direct download to the game:
Bitbucket repository (make sure you checkout the develop branch):
Direct download of the code (if you're unfamiliar with git, or just a bit lazy):

I compiled the code using Visual Studio 2013, but it should work in 2012 as well. (Or any other C++ compiler for that matter, but you'd have to set up some project for whichever editor you're using.)

Some images, level 1:
Level 2:
Level 1 with Box2D debug draw (where you can see the physics world):

Any questions, feedback, etc. can be posted here :).
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