Nevereal Games

Who Are We?

Nevereal Games is a website designed for Indie Gamers to quickly and easily share their games, and to allow developers to implement online functionality in GameMaker games. Our team is currently only composed of 4 members at the moment, so updates may not occur instantly, but we do work hard! We're always looking for new members to join our team, especially if they are proficient in C#, PHP, SQL or Javascript! If you're interested, please send a PM to either Luis or HighQuality.


Wuka World Developer

HighQuality is primarily in charge of developing Wuka World. Do not be fooled though, this large project is very daunting to develop!

Luis — known as 2DLuis on the GameMaker Community

Webmaster and API Director

Hey there! I'm in charge of our website, API and maintaining our server. Working on our web services at time can be quite a challenge because our primary server is located in Sweden while I work from the US!



HexZyle is one of our artists and designs artwork for both Wuka World and Nevereal Games.



Aidiakapi... Aidiakapi is just well... Aidiakapi. He is an admin of the site.